Wanderer Wohnzimmer – 2016

Following a move to Leipzig, the studio was inspired to create Wanderer Wohnzimmer by a trip to an exhibition of Paul Klee’s drawings in the spring of 2015. The forms, layers and colours evident in the work of Paul Klee all informed the design process.

The interior of this living room was to be produced on a strict budget, be versatile, functional and easily transportable. The small room had to remain bright, open, playful yet relaxing, and have a dining space.

A standardised construction logic was used across all designs. Each piece is secured using only straps with cam buckles or ratchets and assembled/disassembled without tools. The furniture was produced almost entirely from 18mm spruce/pine using only hand tools and small machines. The wide availability of these materials, means should an element be damaged, it can easily be remade and replaced.

The furniture’s geometric forms remain visually light by use of an open structure with a limited number of visual shields – blue circles – which also play an important structural role. The role of each element of the structure is visible and obvious to any viewer, there are no superfluous details – the structure becomes the aesthetic.

The restricted three-colour palette in various tones is most evident in the two-dimensional work. The colours and patterns bring warmth and movement to the room. The slot together pattern for the wall echoes the standardised construction of the furniture and the rounder, looser shapes create a dialogue with the straight lines of the furniture. The curtains were hand painted, with a riso printed wall hanging, and digitally printed fabric for cushions.

The furnishings and wall hanging were designed in collaboration with Rosemary Ferrier